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Mickey Rooney
Lewis Stone
Cecilia Parker
Judy Garland
Lana Turner
Ann Rutherford
Fay Holden
Gene Reynolds
Don Castle

George B. Seitz



Time: 91 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Comedy/Romance

The second in a series of twelve "Andy Hardy" films that continually find the young Rooney beset by girl trouble and money woes. In this instance, he's juggling the affections of three young ladies: Rutherford, as his sweetheart; Turner, as the girl he's forced to woo; and Garland, as the girl who's hoping to become more than just a friend. The main plot has Andy trying to drum up enough cash to buy his own car before the big Christmas dance, which he believes his father, the local judge (Stone), will approve of if he pays for it himself. Well, not only does he not have the money, the dealer refuses to give him extra time to come up with the final payment and threatens to bring Andy into his father's courtroom to settle the matter. In an attempt at responsibility and since his girlfriend Polly is out of town, Andy agrees to keep his best friend's girl Cynthia (Turner) occupied until Jimmy returns, as long as he gets paid for his time and trouble.

When Polly returns early so she can attend the dance with Andy and Jimmy finds love while out of town and refuses to pay up, Andy find himself in quite a predicament. His life seems hopeless until the young, yet inventive Betsy (Garland) puts her jealousy aside to help Andy not only get his car, but Polly's renewed interest as well. While the film concentrates on Andy's antics it's charming if a bit simple and silly; however, when it turns to the subplot about Andy's ill grandmother it stops dead in its' tracks. Those scenes are clearly inserted to reveal the depth of the father/son relationship, but in a film about teen romance they become unnecessary filler. This is not the best Mickey/Judy pairing since Garland's role is quite small; though she does manage to belt out a tune or two. A quaint and occasionally amusing piece that, if anything, proves teenage troubles never change.

"If you can explain this, you're smarter than I think you are."

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