LOVE CRAZY (1941) 

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William Powell
Myrna Loy
Gail Patrick
Jack Carson
Florence Bates
Sidney Blackmer
Sig Ruman
Vladimir Sokoloff
Donald McBride

Jack Conway



Time: 99 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Comedy

SYNOPSIS: Thanks to his mother-in-law, Steve gets into trouble with his wife, who then sues for divorce. To postpone the hearing and give him a chance to win her back, he pretends to be crazy, buying him at least thirty days for him to be diagnosed and to get her to change her mind.

BOTTOM LINE: While my favorite pairings of Powell and Loy will always be in THE THIN MAN series, this screwball comedy has enough wacky fun to make it a film to watch for fans of their work. The basic premise has our classy comic duo playing a happily married couple celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary when all hell breaks loose. An unfortunate misunderstanding regarding an ex-lover lands Stephen (Powell) in the doghouse with Susan (Loy). When a plausible excuse fails to materialize, Stephen's antics send Susan to a divorce lawyer and into the eager arms of neighbor Ward Willoughby (Carson). The only feasible strategy Stephen's lawyer can drum up is to have Stephen pretend that he's insane which could stall the divorce for up to three years thereby give him time to woo Susan back. The only person unconvinced by his unusual behavior is Susan, who's only too aware of her husband's eccentricities. They happen to be a big part of his charm.

The usual wackiness ensues as Stephen fights to escape from his doctors, regain his good name and win Susan's trust. The plot is fairly convoluted and occasionally absurd, but Powell's bravura, no-holds barred performance makes up for the obvious deficiencies. My main complaint about the effort is that Powell and Loy don't share enough screen time together. The plot gets bogged down with the supporting players, who are good, but not the reason I tuned in. It's hard to feel the romance when the lovers are rarely in the same scene. The final third of the film sort of spirals out of control, but the ending, though completely unbelievable, delivers some of the film's biggest laughs. LOVE CRAZY isn't a film you'll remember, but it is one that entertains. A fun, frothy delight, especially for Powell fans.

"See you later, Mother. Don't think it hasn't been fun...because it hasn't."

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