LIVE AND LET DIE (1973) 

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Roger Moore
Yaphet Kotto
Jane Seymour
Clifton James
Julius Harris
Geoffrey Holder
David Hedison
Gloria Hendry
Bernard Lee
Lois Maxwell

Guy Hamilton



Time: 121 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Action/Spy Thriller

Academy Award Nomination for Best Song.

SYNOPSIS: 007 is sent to stop a diabolically brilliant heroin magnate armed with a complex organization and a reliable psychic tarot card reader.

BOTTOM LINE: Every once in a while one needs mindless entertainment and the Bond films are perfect in that regard. Since I've already seen most of the Connery flicks, I decided to check out Moore's first take on the super suave, super spy role. What a difference an actor makes. Granted the plot here is not very sophisticated or original, but I just didn't care for Moore's portrayal as Bond. He could seduce the ladies with the best of them, but he's so neat and reserved that I didn't buy him as a physical threat to the villain. He's just too soft. The tone of the film is also very tongue-in-cheek, giving the impression that he's winning because he's supposed to instead of from any great ability on his part.

Yaphet Kotto is cool and sinister as Mr. Big, a Caribbean drug lord poised to take over the world. His weakness/belief in the foreseeing powers of a certain Tarot-card reading virgin, played by Jane Seymour, is what eventually does him in. Bond plays a part in his demise as well. The action sequences are few and far between and except for a boat chase through the Louisiana bayou, nothing special or all that exciting. The gadgets are boring, the humor obvious – though occasionally funny – and the inevitable deaths of the villains some of the silliest stuff to ever grace the big screen. Bond fans deserved better. A mediocre outing at best that is really beginning to show its age.

James Bond: "My name is Bond. James Bond."
Mr. Big: "Names is for tombstones, baby!"

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