LET'S DO IT AGAIN (1953) 

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Jane Wyman
Ray Milland
Aldo Ray
Leon Ames
Valerie Bettis
Tom Helmore
Karin Booth
Mary Treen
Dick Wessel
Kathryn Givney
Herbert Heyes

Alexander Hall


Time: 95 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romance/Comedy

SYNOPSIS: A composer's wife, who gave up her musical career to build a happy home, tries to curb her husband's wandering ways by making him jealous. Her plan backfires into unwanted divorce proceedings that they're both unhappy about, yet can't seem to swallow their pride to stop.

BOTTOM LINE: While Wyman and Milland try their damndest to make this frothy flick entertaining, it's just too light on plot, chemistry and heart to be more than mildly amusing. We come into the story just as Gary's (Milland) latest weeklong "trip" to find musical inspiration ends with his coming home to find his ever present wife back from her own nighttime adventure with a rival composer. She swears nothing happened, but Gary refuses to believe her, letting his petty jealousy chase him to the courthouse. For her part, Constance (Wyman) wanted to teach him a lesson, however, she never expected his reaction to be so severe. She merely wanted him to start paying more attention to her and to appreciate their marriage. From here, the plot resorts to the couple using varying other people to draw out more anger and jealousy from their partner in a backhanded way of regenerating passion for each other. This is a ploy that only works in the movies and should not be tried at home. Wyman's sourpuss whenever she's with any man but Milland should make it as obvious to him, as it is to the audience, that despite her actions she's truly a one woman man.

The question the film never realistically satisfies is why she wants him in the first place. Milland tries to be charming, but he's not given much to work with besides being a selfish, self-absorbed playboy. Frankly, I though she'd be better off without him, however, her other romantic options aren't much better. Sure, she could go off to Alaska with the good-looking, but dim Alaskan millionaire Frank (Ray), but there's no chemistry between them and she's too much of a city girl to enjoy living in the wild. Courtney Craig (Helmore), the man who helped start this mess, is a rival theatrical composer that tries to seduce Constance with notions of jump-starting her career again, which makes him a viable candidate for her heart...at least according to Gary. Since it's clear from the beginning that she's not going anywhere all the antics seem half-hearted and a waste of everyone's time. To perk up the action the filmmakers added a few fun and poignant musical numbers which are clearly time fillers added to shore up a lack of plot. Neither Wyman nor Milland seemed comfortable in their roles, yet they manage to spark enough to hold your interest. A mediocre, typical, 50s "modern" comedy made better by it's cast, but nothing to rush out and see.

"Maybe if she wasn't so perfect I wouldn't have to take so many chances."

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