LETHAL WEAPON 3 (1992) 

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Mel Gibson
Danny Glover
Joe Pesci
Rene Russo
Stuart Wilson
Steve Kahan
Darlene Love
Traci Wolfe
Damon Hines
Ebonie Smith
Gregory Millar

Richard Donner



Time: 118 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Crime/Action/Comedy

SYNOPSIS: Martin Riggs finally meets his match in the form of Lorna Cole, a beautiful but tough policewoman. Together with Roger Murtaugh, his partner, the three attempt to expose a crooked former policeman and his huge arms racket. The crooked cop thwarts them at every turn, mainly by killing anyone who is about to talk, but Murtaugh has personal problems of his own as his family are brought into the equation.

BOTTOM LINE: The third time is not quite so charming in the instance of this installment that lacks the unbridled fun and unexpected excitement of its' predecessors. The story instills new blood in the form of a strong female character, but the plot is pedestrian and the villain a mediocre washout. Fans of the first two will enjoy the outing because the chemistry between Gibson and Glover is the one thing this film has managed to keep alive. They are they're usual wacky, sarcastic selves watching each other's backs while trying to stay alive and keep from being fired. This time around an inside job – a major heist from the police precinct's evidence vault – lands our boys in hot water with internal affairs and sends them on a mission to apprehend one of their own.

There's nothing particularly inventive or interesting about this story – they know who stole their stuff from the beginning – but it's filled with the enough witty wordplay, high-speed car chases and massive explosions to distract from the lack of intrigue and danger. Rene Russo is a welcome addition to the cast as the tough-minded and physically formidable internal affairs agent that falls hard for Gibson's hunky Martin Riggs. She's a gal who can take care of herself and that brings a fresh energy to the series. Joe Pesci's back as well, and while Leo gets several big laughs his character isn't really all that important to the plot, making him more of a distraction than a useful member of the team. The main thing missing is a compelling bad guy, which along with the action and comeraderie is the reason the first two are such great flicks. Stuart Wilson oozes arrogence and danger, but there's nothing behind the sleazy facade. It's a one note character you can't be bothered to hate. While not up to par with its' predecessor's, LW3 is better than many action flicks and should satisfy most fans of the series.

"You have the right to remain unconscious. Anything you say ain't gonna be much."

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