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Gene Tierney
Cornel Wilde
Jeanne Crain
Vincent Price
Mary Phillips
Ray Collins
Darryl Hickman
Gene Lockhart

John M. Stahl



Time: 110 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Drama/Film-Noir

Won Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Nominations for Best Actress (Tierney), Art Direction and Sound.

SYNOPSIS: Writer Richard Harland falls for a lovely young woman while travelling on a train and quickly becomes the center of her universe, with deadly consequences for the rest of the people in his life.

BOTTOM LINE: Gene Tierney proved how wicked a woman consumed by jealousy can be long before films like FATAL ATTRACTION came on the scene. While there's nothing particularly deep or complicated about this tale of marital devotion gone awry, Tierney makes it a rollercoaster ride of emotional devastation you can't stop watching. Cornel Wilde plays the writer of her dreams, a man she loves way too much. Her seductive, mysterious beauty draws him into her web of lies and deception from which there is no way out. He initially finds her desperate need to have him all to herself adorable, but when this exclusion includes members of their immediate family, he begins to feel the noose tighten. On the surface her actions appear to be loving and decent, but they conceal a cold, bitter heart and a mind constantly working any angle to keep them together. Those that don't go along with her plans are taken out of the game for good. When she realizes her husband is in love with her adopted sister (Crain), she sets her final plan in motion. She'd rather die than lose him and she'll be damned if they're going to live happily ever after. Once you've committed several murders, a little perjury isn't going to weigh too heavily on your soul. This is a ridiculous romance wrapped in a taut thriller that works like gangbusters because of the stunning performances of Tierney and Crain. Both are intelligent, beautiful and strong women. The former just turns her passion into an all-encompassing stranglehold of obsession. Crain is the only one who stands up to Tierney and you can feel the sparks of hatred when they share a scene together. Wilde's performance as the man they both love is adequate, but I wouldn't fight over him. This may not be high class filmmaking, but it makes for great entertainment. That is if you like your leading ladies lean, luscious and lethal.

"There's nothing wrong with Ellen. It's just that she loves too much."

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