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Will Ferrell
Robert Duvall
Mike Ditka
Kate Walsh
Musetta Vander
Dylan McLaughlin
Josh Hutcherson
Steven Anthony Lawrence
Jeremy Bergman
Elliot Cho

Jesse Dylan



Time: 95 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Family/Comedy

This is a mildly entertaining film that's more likely to amuse those with children than those without. What keeps it engaging is the irrepressible spirit of Ferrell, who continues to show that he's willing to do just about anything for a laugh. Unfortunately for him, the film is far from original, basically stealing the plot and characters of the BAD NEWS BEARS and replacing baseball with the more popular soccer. Craziness ensues as he tries to encourage this highly unmotivated and uncoordinated group of misfits to become better players. He takes the job when his son is traded to his team by his own father (Duvall) and no one else wants the job.

His initial spirit of fun and fairness quickly spirals into insane competitiveness with the help of ex-Bears coach Mike Ditka and an unquenchable coffee habit. Never good enough for his dad, the best coach in town, he wants to prove once and for all by beating his father's team in the championship that he's a winner. The comedy is at best silly, at worst obvious, though Ferrell's enthusiasm for the proceedings never wavers.

The soccer scenes bring much needed spark, energy and a few big laughs to the proceedings. Duvall gives a good turn as Ferrell's unrelentingly macho bastard of a father. Ditka is also great as Duvall's bitter neighbor who will do anything to make his life miserable...even coach kid's soccer. Ferrell will make you laugh, but the film lacks any real tension since it's clear from the beginning how it's going to end – with an upset on the field and a feel-good life lesson off. A fun diversion for a family with younger kids, especially those who love the sport.

"I'm angry! I'm spitting angry! I'm like a tornado of anger, swirling about!"

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