I LOVE YOU TO DEATH (1990) 

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Kevin Kline
Tracey Ullman
Joan Plowright
River Phoenix
William Hurt
Keanu Reeves
James Gammon
Jack Kehler
Victoria Jackson
Heather Graham

Lawrence Kasdan



Time: 96 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Black Comedy

SYNOPSIS: Joey owns a pizza parlor, and is married to Rosalee, and is a major womanizer. Rosalee goes to extremes when she finds he has been cheating.

BOTTOM LINE: Armed with a great cast, Kasdan attempts to turn this true life tale into black comedy gold. What he creates is an uneven film about the perils of infidelity with great characters and hilarious hijinks that never reaches its full potential. Kline plays Joey Bocca, a happily married pizza joint owner, who fulfills his insatiable sexual needs outside the home. Ullman gives one of her best performances as Joey's clueless wife, who tries to kill him, with the help of a number of other people, after she discovers his philandering ways. The main problem with the story is that it takes far too long to get to the attempted murder, which is the funniest section of the film, and spends way too much time on Joey and his women. None of whom you give a damn about, since neither does he. They're just there to add excitement to his life.

Kline milks the his character's enjoyment of the liaisons for all they're worth and they do establish a fairly good reason for his wife wanting him dead, but one gets the point within the first 10 minutes. The main reason to sit through this film is to see the bumbling attempts of Ullman, Phoenix, Plowright, Reeves and Hurt to knock off Kline. The final third reaches a level of comic genius the rest of the film sorely lacks. The turns by Hurt and Reeves as two severely stoned hit men almost make the whole experience worthwhile. They are what you'd call dangerously stupid and they made me laugh out loud. Ullman's comic talents are wasted as the straight woman in the piece, though she does show some range as an actress. This is not the worst film any of the principals have made, but it's certainly not one they'll be remembered for.

"When somebody shoot you in the head it make you think."

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