THE HOLIDAY (2006) 

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Cameron Diaz
Kate Winslet
Jude Law
Jack Black
Eli Wallach
Rufus Sewell
Ed Burns
Miffy Englefield
Emma Pritchard
Shannyn Sossamon

Nancy Meyers



Time: 138 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romantic Comedy

SYNOPSIS: Two women who have never met and live 6000 miles apart impulsively switch homes for the holiday in an effort to get over their broken hearts. They get more than they bargain for during their two week vacations – true love.

BOTTOM LINE: This film delivers exactly what you think it will – a light, funny, sometimes clever, somewhat intelligent ode to finding real love. That being said, with it's highly talented cast, I still expected it to be better than the sum of its' parts. Winslet is winning as the regular girl eternally waiting for the man of her dreams (Sewell) to really notice her and finally seal the deal. When he chooses someone else, she tires of being his girl Friday and tries to literally distance herself from his charming reach.

Diaz actually gets a character with drive and intelligence, unfortunately she can't quite pull it off. The good news is she doesn't really have to because she sparks wonderfully with Law, who is just too yummy for words. Though the film is about both of the ladies newfound romances, the plot spends more time with the "attractive" couple, which detracts from the emotional power of the Winslet/Black coupling. They don't get enough screen time together to make their relationship more than an obvious conclusion to the meeting of two lonely single people. They're wonderfully funny and do have chemistry, but it wasn't enough to fully satisfy.

The reasons Law and Diaz fall for one another are fairly clear, but the story does try, and succeeds, in giving their characters and relationship some depth – though it was somewhat hard to swallow Law's backstory. Though the film follows a familiar track, Meyers makes some unique choices to keep things interesting, most notably the lovely subplot with Eli Wallach as Winslet's mentor, who helps her discover real love in her life. At its' base level, THE HOLIDAY is entertaining enough for the price of admission, especially for those who love the genre.

"Where do I want to go by myself, depressed, at Christmas?"

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