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Sigourney Weaver
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ray Liotta
Jason Lee
Gene Hackman
Anne Bancroft
Jeffrey Jones
Nora Dunn
Sarah Silverman

David Mirkin



Time: 121 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy/Crime/Romance

While this wacky comedy about a mother/daughter team of grifters has a few good laughs, the main reason it's even mildly entertaining is due to the talent of its' cast. The only original concept in the film is the parent/child relationship, which actually provides the ladies with some prime interplay since they can't exactly "break-up." Weaver plays the overbearing mother desperate to keep her daughter working by her side. Hewitt turns her normal cute-as-a-button persona into a know-it-all brat who believes it's time to cut the apron strings and strike out on her own. Unfortunately, circumstances force them to work together one last time on a final big score that will supposedly set them up for life. Their mark: a doddering, tobacco multi-millionaire looking for a little "love" before he kicks the bucket. Hackman is brilliant as the chain-smoking letch, giving this film the class and humor it so desperately needs. He takes character acting to a higher level with his performance here.

He's so physically disgusting, you come to feel the ladies deserve whatever profit they get out of their scheme. Of course, it's never as uncomplicated as it seems to relieve rich men from their money. While mom is working the millionaire, the daughter is attempting to prove herself by pulling off her own little scheme. What she gets for her trouble is a chance at true love (with Jason Lee), something her mother definitely disapproves of. Men are only good for their money. They can't be trusted with your heart. Things get out of hand quickly as they try to keep all their various shenanigans afloat while trying to outwit each other. As if things weren't complicated enough, Weaver's latest ex-husband, played by Liotta, shows up on the scene in an attempt to reunite with his lady love. However, once he discovers he was just one in a long line of chumps, he joins the ladies in order to recoup his cash. While the entire film is far from believable, the players perform with an unrelenting energy and obvious sense of fun that I was more entertained than I expected.

"Do you have any idea how much therapy you people need?"

Weaver and Hewitt have great chemistry, giving their relationship an added depth that I'm sure wasn't on the page. They make these women fun to watch, even if their actions are less than admirable. The men add their own brand of charm and pizzazz to the proceedings, proving, at least in this case, that sometimes the stronger sex wants more than just a roll in the hay. Liotta has rarely been funnier, Lee never as irresistible and Hackman shows that some things do get better with age. Hewitt's bitch-on-wheels act wears thin in the middle, but she bounces back once she's allowed to let her emotions show. Weaver is elegant, intelligent and downright funny, especially when things don't go as planned. The cast deserved better than this, but they make the most of what they got. A light-hearted comedy you won't remember in the morning.

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