HALF-BAKED (1998) 

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Dave Chappelle
Guillermo Diaz
Jim Breuer
Harland Williams
Rachel True
Williams III
Laura Silverman
Tommy Chong
R.D. Reid

Tamra Davis



Time: 82 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy

SYNOPSIS: The story of three not so bright men who come up with a series of crazy schemes to get a friend out of jail.

BOTTOM LINE: I know what you're thinking – this really doesn't seem to be the type of film that I would go out to see. And you're right. I would certainly never pay for a movie so obviously lacking in quality from the get go, however, sometimes, even I will watch worthless drivel for free just for a few cheap laughs. The main thrust of this movie is the stoner humor, so if you don't find those under the influence of marijuana amusing, this is NOT the movie for you. The plot – what there is of one – centers on a wake-and-bake quartet of childhood friends who must come up with a large sum of money to bail one of their group out of jail before he becomes some inmate's girlfriend. The only idea they can come up with is to sell pot, which they steal from the lab where Chappelle works. Chappelle – the most talented one of the bunch – carries the show here as the only one with any ambition and brain cells left after years of toking. Of course, he's also the only one with a girlfriend, who just happens to abhor drugs, so he actually has some motivation to lead a normal life. The jokes run the gamut from juvenile to downright hysterical with most on the former end of the spectrum. I wasn't at all surprised at their antics, but I was occasionally amused. This flick has it's high notes (no pun intended), but not enough to really warrant a deliberate trip.

"You have smoked yourself retarded."

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