GOTCHA! (1985) 

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Anthony Edwards
Linda Fiorentino
Jsu Garcia
Marla Adams
Alex Rocco
Klaus Lowitsch
Christopher Rydell
Brad Cowgill
Kari Lizer

Jeff Kanew



Time: 101 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy/Action/Spy

SYNOPSIS: A college kid who is campus champ at an assassination game called Gotcha, goes on a summer vacation behind the Iron Curtain (before it came tumbling down). There he falls for a female spy, who not only uses him as an unsuspecting courier for spy secrets but makes him the fall guy, as well.

BOTTOM LINE: Clearly cast mostly for his innocent babyface (it's part of the plot), Edwards actually makes a surprisingly competent and intelligent leading man. It's too bad the plotting of this Cold-War/spy/fantasy/action/comedy never really gives him the chance to prove it. When I first laid eyes on this picture, I was in high school and I thought it was sexy and cool. While it has a few of those type moments – thanks to the lusciously mysterious Fiorentino – this film is such a mish mash of genres and tones it becomes less and less entertaining as it goes along. It's a good thing the film takes such pains to showcase Edwards's skill at spy games in the beginning or the whole second half would be even more laughable.

There's no doubt that he would let his lust get him suckered into the scenario. It's just untenable that he would survive it. How he gets into and out of various bad situations is realistic and humorous, yet splashy enough to add some thrills and chills to the chase. He's no James Bond, though the plot is equally as silly as some of those outings. A better supporting cast and tighter script would have gone a long way in raising the quality, but this is/was clearly a B-movie and the lack of funding shows. Only in the 80s would a guy just looking to get laid find himself entrenched in international espionage and on the run for his life. Ah, those were the days. All in all a fun, mindless romp that keeps the action moving and the romance light.

"I would kill or die to make love to you."

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