GHOSTBUSTERS 2 (1989) 

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Bill Murray
Sigourney Weaver
Dan Aykroyd
Harold Ramis
Rick Moranis
Ernie Hudson
Annie Potts
Peter MacNichol
David Margulies
Kurt Fuller
Wilhelm von Homburg

Ivan Reitman



Time: 108 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Comedy/Sci-Fi

SYNOPSIS: Sidelined for five years since their spectacular save (and near destruction) of New York City, the superstars of the supernatural spring back into action when the infant son of single-mother Dana Barrett becomes the target of a powerful demonic force.

BOTTOM LINE: While the second time around is rarely as good as the first – and this sequel is no exception – Murray and his compatriots manage to re-create the same wacky spirit of fun and adventure that imbued the first film. The boys must, yet again, save an unappreciative New York citizenry from a mean-spirited ghost – a medieval warlord named Vigo – who wants to re-enter our universe and take over the world. His evil intentions center on Venkman's (Murray) now ex-girlfriend Dana (Weaver) and her one-year-old son Oscar, whose body Vigo wants to use to reincarnate himself from a painting of his image. That's about all the plot there is, which would be enough, if it didn't center so much on Vigo and his creepy, effeminate earthly helper Dr. Janosz Poha (MacNichol), Dana's co-worker at the museum. There's just not enough screen time allotted to the actual Ghostbusters with Ramis, Aykroyd and Hudson taking a backseat to the over-the-top machinations of the bad guys.

Murray is his usual sarcastically manic self and it's his presence that saves the picture. He's not given much to do but annoyingly/chamingly woo Weaver yet he gives the picture a needed boost of class, smarts and energy. It's well known that he refused to get down and dirty this time around, which is probably why the other Ghostbusters found themselves on their own dealing with an underground river of slime and not at the forefront of the action. They get very, very gooey, which isn't as fun as it sounds. The lack of solidarity and camaraderie is sorely felt. The special effects are good enough, but nothing that will knock your socks off and are beginning to show their age. Once the action finally gets going, the film takes on a life of its' own moving quickly to an obvious and silly conclusion that's almost too saccharine to swallow. If this had been the first introduction to these characters, there would not have been a second, however, it parlays the good feelings generated by the original to make the experience entertaining despite its' flaws.

"Not so fast Dead Head! You want a baby, why don't you go knock up some willing hellhound!"

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