THE FULL MONTY (1997) 

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Robert Carlyle
Tom Wilkinson
Mark Addy
William Snape
Steve Huison
Paul Barber
Hugo Speer
Lesley Sharp
Emily Woof
Deirdre Costello

Peter Cattaneo




Time: 91 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy

Won Academy Award for Best Original Score. Nominations for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture.

As a female movie-goer I will pretty much go to see any movie that promises a little male nakedness. It doesn't happen very often and I feel as women we need to support those films that go the extra mile just to please us. Then maybe, just maybe, male nudity will be as commonplace as female and we'll get a little equality in the film world. It's just a dream, but here's hoping.

However, not to confuse you, the main thrust of the FULL MONTY is not the nudity, which is brief and nothing new. This film is a sweet, endearing and funny story of six unemployed Englishmen just trying to get back on their feet after six months of not working. They all agree to Gaz's idea to do their own male strip review out of their desperate need for cash. Gaz (Carlyle) has the most to lose – the right to see his 10-year-old son – if he doesn't come up with child support money fast. Gaz is not the best role model for a young boy, but his heart is always in the right place and it's obvious that he truly loves his son. The boy is the only thing of value left in his life.

So after Gaz and his best friend Dave (Addy) convince their old foreman (a man who actually knows how to dance) to go along with their crazy idea, auditions are held and practice begins. The six-man troupe goes through many hilarious and heartbreaking ups and downs on the way to the stage, but they finally get there and the house is packed with locals wanting to see them do the "full monty." This was Gaz's idea to help sell tickets and though it initially sent the group into a tizzy of refusal, in the end they agree to bare it all – just once.

The final dance scene is sexy, funny and pathetic all at the same time. But it's obvious these men are enjoying the attention and the chance to be special again if just for a few moments. The crowd loves them just for trying and for being brave enough to bare not only their bodies but their souls. I came away from this film smiling and humming – glad to have spent time with these unique and endearing lads.

"Dancers have coordination, skill, timing, fitness, and grace. Take a long, hard look in the mirror."

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