Carole Lombard
Fernand Gravey
Ralph Bellamy
Allen Jenkins
Isabel Jeans
Marie Wilson
Marcia Ralston
Heather Thatcher
Ottola Nesmith

Mervyn LeRoy


Time: 80 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romantic Comedy

SYNOPSIS: A rich actress visiting Paris meets a suave, bankrupt chef, who is instantly smitten with her and pursues her back to London where he must fight her uptight boyfriend for her heart while keeping their affair out of the press.

BOTTOM LINE: Lombard is as luminous as ever in this comedy confection that has plenty of sweetness and sass if not much content. She definitely has her hands full, torn between her stodgy business manager (Bellamy) who's putting the squeeze on to finally finalize their engagement and a charming French chef who follows her to London and won't take no for an answer. Bellamy has no chance (not that he ever did) of actually winning Lombard, but the battle is quite an entertaining one. Gravey, in his first big Hollywood role, is no Cary Grant, yet he makes you smile at his annoying antics to keep Lombard from accepting Bellamy's offer. Their supposed engagement dinner is a physical comedy treat with Gravey and the wacky Marie Wilson (who plays Lombard's maid) ruining the evening with an excess of perfect service. In the end, Lombard's resistance is nominal, merely giving them all something to do in between meeting and marrying and gets a bit irritating after awhile. Her initial horror at falling for a penniless cook – that's where the scandal comes in – quickly abates after she experiences both his cuisine and enjoys his affection. Why, since he's famous and popular in Paris, he hasn't got a job or any cash is a mystery the film doesn't care to solve. I guess if he had, he wouldn't be able to go traipsing about after rich women at a moments notice. A fairly witty and funny piece that captures the heart if not the imagination. Lombard fans won't be disappointed. No one plays exasperated with more class and humor than her.

"You can drop me right here. It would be so nice not knowing you."

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