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Goldie Hawn
Bette Midler
Diane Keaton
Maggie Smith
Dan Hedaya
Sarah Jessica Parker
Stockard Channing
Stephen Collins
Marcia Gay Harden

Hugh Wilson




Time: 102 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Comedy

Academy Award nomination for Best Original Comedy Score.

THE FIRST WIVES CLUB is a delightful comedy that uses the talent of three of today's best comic actresses to their full advantage. Unfortunately for men, it's used against them. Though this is a comedy, it takes the emotions and situations of the "First Wives" quite seriously. The reason this movie made so much money at the box office is because there is plenty of truth in this story...and the revenge part isn't so bad either. The film is about three women who get together after the death of an old college friend to find out that they've all been left by their husbands for younger women. Though their lives took drastically different paths, they fall into an easy friendship again, consoling each other over the pain and anger of their situations. Brenda (Midler) actually stills loves Morty and wants her family back. Annie (Keaton) thought she had the perfect marriage, but discovers her husband has been sleeping with their therapist. And Elise (Hawn) just wants to torture her husband Bill for whom she created a Hollywood producing career only to be left for a much younger actress.

They were good wives to these men, sacrificing their youth to help them succeed. Simple alimony isn't enough. It's time for payback. Putting their heads together they come up with various plans to bring each of their ex's down to their knees, to make them beg for mercy. Through careful planning and some downright dangerous schemes they end up with all the cards, but's it's just not enough. They start sniping at each other because the victories are empty. Anger and revenge are not satisfying bedfellows. In the end, they take their "winnings" and do something positive, forcing their husbands to help them create a shelter for "first wives". It's a little hokey and preachy, but what the hell, they couldn't be complete bitches for the entire film. This is a truly funny movie that really allows it's leading ladies to shine. Keaton and Hawn have some truly manic moments that will make you laugh out loud. Midler actually has the less showy role, making Brenda a simple housewife who loved and cherished her role in life. Her anger is honest and painful to watch. Of course, what woman wouldn't be pissed if her husband left her for someone who looked like Sarah Jessica Parker. I'd want him to die too.

Though one of the best lines in the film, which comes from Ivana Trump, "Don't get mad, get everything," is what the main part of this film is about, it never loses sight of it's true intent – the importance of friendship. If you're mad as hell at your lover or just looking to indulge in a little fantasy, THE FIRST WIVES CLUB is a great way to pass the time. Woman really can be this vindictive. We only need time and motive. If you're a guy, watch this and take notes. This could be your life.

"Ladies, you have to be strong and independent, and remember, don't get mad, get everything."

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