FATHER GOOSE (1964) 

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Cary Grant
Leslie Caron
Trevor Howard
Jack Good
Sharyl Locke
Pip Sparke
Verina Greenlaw
Stephanie Berrington
Jennifer Berrington
Laurelle Felsette

Ralph Nelson



Time: 118 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romance/Comedy/War

Won Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Nominated for Film Editing and Best Sound.

SYNOPSIS: During World War II South Sea beachcomber Walter Eckland is persuaded to spy on planes passing over his island. He gets more than he bargained for as schoolteacher Catherine Frenau arrives on the run from the Japanese with her pupils in tow.

BOTTOM LINE: It's pretty hard for a film starring Cary Grant to disappoint me. Some are clearly better than others, but most, due to his enormous talent, are worthwhile to see at least once. This film falls into that category. For the first time, he plays someone less than nice and attractive – a disgruntled drunk trying to ignore the war by sailing the sea. He's still charming and funny, just with a foul temper and filthy clothes. It's something of a departure for Grant, though in the end his irresistible personality shines through. All due to the love of a good woman. In this case, played by the lovely Leslie Caron. Of course, they don't really have much choice in partners since they're stuck on an island in the South Pacific.

Grant's character is stranded there by his "friends" in the Royal Navy to look out for enemy planes and report what he sees. He ends up rescuing Caron and her seven young female charges, who were stranded on a neighboring island. Craziness ensues as the ladies try to change his bad habits and survive attacks by the Japanese while waiting to be returned to civilization. There aren't very many surprises, but Grant and Caron have pretty good chemistry and the girls prove to be less annoying than one expects. The plot is fun and exciting enough, though Grant lovers will certainly enjoy it more than others. A fluff piece that will help while away a lazy day.

"So far you've shared me out of my clothes, my food and my house. Now, how about sharing some of my things with me."

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