FATHER OF THE BRIDE 2 (1995) 

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Steve Martin
Diane Keaton
Martin Short
Kimberly Williams
George Newbern
Kieran Culkin
B.D. Wong
Eugene Levy

Charles Shyer



Time: 106 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Comedy

SYNOPSIS: Having just married off his cherished daughter, George Banks (Martin) is ready to get footloose and fancy free. So when his daughter and his wife Nina (Keaton) both announce they are pregnant, George finds himself in one outrageous situation after another, desperately trying to recapture the wild and crazy days of his youth.

BOTTOM LINE: The one thing keeping this overly-sentimental flick afloat is the talent of Steve Martin. Sure, the woman are sweet and occasionally funny, but it's Martin's angst about aging and impending fatherhood in middle-age that makes this movie at all enjoyable. Much like the original, the film depends on his dry sarcasm and brilliant physicality to make the most of the circumstances this regular dad finds himself in. This time the issues begin when he discovers that his little girl, played with open-faced earnestness by Kimberly Williams, is going to be a mother. Not quite ready to be a grandfather, he gets thrown a second curve when his supposedly menopausal wife (Keaton) discovers that she's pregnant as well.

Chaos ensues when he is forced to take care of both women while trying to come to turns with his own insecurities. The ladies don't have much to do except pretend to be pregnant and glow, which leaves the meat of the comedy in Martin's very capable hands. The film goes more than a little overboard towards the end, but Martin reigns in both the humor and the potential crises, making the craziness seem believable and heartfelt. This sequel is just a little too precious, sacrificing much of the comedy for sweetness, but if you like Martin you could do much worse. Like THE OUT-OF-TOWNERS for instance.

"Going to the movies will be economical: one child and two seniors!"

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