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Steve Martin
Diane Keaton
Kimberly Williams
Kieran Culkin
George Newbern
Martin Short
B.D. Wong
Eugene Levy

Charles Shyer



Time: 105 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Comedy/Romance

FATHER OF THE BRIDE is not a film for everyone, especially men. Mainly because it deals with a topic most guys spend their entire lives trying to avoid – marriage. In this case, it's from a father's point of view, but that won't make it go down any easier. The plot still revolves around a wedding, which is about as interesting as figure skating to the male species. That said, for those of us with estrogen coursing through our veins, I dare any of you ladies out there to watch this movie and hate it. It's just not possible. It's too sweet and romantic to deny.

Martin is wonderful as a father not ready to accept the adulthood and impending marriage of his "little" girl. Even though she's in love with a wonderful man, he doesn't want to let her go. He's not ready to lose his place as THE man in her life. He captures what must be the conflicting emotions of every father before the big day. His great talent for physical comedy gives the film some of its' funniest moments as he portrays a man way in over his head. His behavior becomes more and more erratic as the wedding plans get more elaborate and expensive. This film may be about a wedding, but it's Martin's chance to shine.

He plays George Banks, a simple man who loves his life and hates change. When his 22-year-old daughter Annie (Williams) comes home from a 4-month tour of Italy with the news that she's engaged, George is speechless. He tries to dissuade her, but she won't listen. She's in love with Brian (Newburn) and there's nothing he can do to stop her. He grudgingly accepts Annie's decision, but secretly hopes that something will happen to make the wedding merry-go-round stop. He eventually has the perfect opportunity to put an end to his suffering. However, he finds that he can't deny her happiness. She's found the perfect man. The wedding day is filled with many challenges, but, for the most part, goes off without a hitch.

"And don't forget to fasten your condoms! ...Seatbelts, I mean seatbelts."

Martin is definitely the star of this show, but he's got a great supporting cast. Diane Keaton is radiant and funny as his wife Nina. Their contrasting styles complement each other perfectly. She's a solid base to his craziness. Kimberly Williams makes the most of her first major acting role. Annie is smart, pretty and independent. The perfect daughter. She'll make your heart melt. Martin Short and B.D. Wong steal every scene they're in as Franck and Howard, the wedding coordinators. It's worth watching the movie just to see them frustrate Steve Martin at every turn. Every time he talks to them it costs him more money.

FATHER OF THE BRIDE is not a film to rush out and see. However, if you happen to catch it, you won't regret it. I've seen it several times and no matter when I come in, I have to watch it to the end. There's just a simple, honest sweetness to this movie that touches my heart every time. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the whole love and marriage thing.

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