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Glenn Close
Michael Douglas
Anne Archer
Ellen Hamilton Latzen
Stuart Pankin
Ellen Foley
Fred Gwynne
Meg Mundy
Tom Brennan
Lois Smith

Adrian Lyne



Time: 118 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/Thriller

Academy Award Nominations for Best Actress (Close), Supporting Actress (Archer), Director, Film Editing, Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture.

SYNOPSIS: A happily married New York City attorney engages in a one-night stand while his wife and child are away. The woman refuses to end the affair and subsequently terrorizes the attorney and his family.

BOTTOM LINE: Like everyone else who initally saw this film in the theater, I was shocked and dismayed at what transpired before me. I was 21 and had no idea people could be that crazy. Of course, now I think all men should be forced to watch it at the age of 18 to show them what could be in their future if they let their sex drive rule their actions. Initally, I thought Close was an evil bitch, but how can you blame her? All she wanted was a little respect for the hot sex she delivered and all she got was dismissive arrogence. A nice thank you note and some flowers might have squelched the situation before it got out of hand.

This is clearly a worst case scenario for cheating on your wife, however, as bad as things get, the acting and direction actually keep it from being completely ridiculous. We know from the news, these kinds of people are out there and the suspense created by Lyne keeps you on the edge of your seat. The ending is, without a doubt, ludicrous, but I guess they thought it would be more satisfying and believable if the wife took down the mistress. After all, Douglas was unable to resolve the problem for the whole movie. Personally, if it was me, I propably would have shot him as well. Teach him a lesson for bringing this horrible woman into my home. Though fairly melodramatic and somewhat dated this is still a well-told tale that should frighten the bejesus out of most men.

"You play fair with me, I'll play fair with you."

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