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Oliver Reed
Michael York
Faye Dunaway
Christopher Lee
Richard Chamberlain
Frank Finlay
Charlton Heston
Rachel Welch
Geraldine Chaplin
Simon Ward

Richard Lester



Time: 119 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Action/Romance/Drama

Academy Award nomination for Best Costume Design.

SYNOPSIS: This time, D'Artagnan and his Musketeer mentors have a tougher fight against their old enemies while still trying to protect the Queen, and the adventure is not without its casualties.

BOTTOM LINE: More of a continuation of THE THREE MUSKETEERS than a true sequel – they were shot back-to-back and then split into two – this installment follows D'Artagnan (York) and his musketeer friends as they fight for the King against protestant rebels. Their old enemies – the Cardinal Richelieu (Heston), Milady de Winter (Dunaway) and Rochefort (Lee) – continue to plot against the Queen and her lover, the Duke of Buckingham, while attempting to settle their personal vendettas against D'Artagnan. When his lover, Constance (Welch), is kidnapped, the four set out to find her and get entangled further in the Cardinal's web of intrigue. Swordfights, lovemaking and witty banter ensue.

Our heroes get into and out of more dangerous situations than seems humanly possible. What makes it so fun is the energy, talent and choreography of the players. The plot is much darker than in the first with Dunaway taking a major role. As good as she is as the wicked Milady, the film spends too much time with her and not enough on our musketeer fellows. If you blink, you'll miss Chamberlain and Finlay and that's a real shame. Their charm and wit are sorely absent in this escapade. We do get more of Oliver Reed, which is always a plus. Nobody broods more sexily than him. While not as exciting as the first film, it's still one of the better swashbuckling adventures out there.

"Leave now. Leave Paris, leave France. Get as far from that evil woman's grasp as you can."

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