ENTRAPMENT (1999) 

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Sean Connery
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Ving Rhames
Will Patton
Maury Chaykin
Kevin McNally
Terry O'Neill
David Yip

Jon Amiel



Time: 113 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action/Romance

I waited to see this movie because I had more than a niggling suspicion that I would not enjoy it. I understand that Sean Connery can be a good actor, but his choices in the last few years have been more miss than hit. Ms. Zeta-Jones hasn't proven much except that the camera likes her and this film certainly doesn't help promote her abilities beyond her beauty. I thought that she might have a brain in her head, until I watched the Barbara Walters interview she gave with fiance Michael Douglas. I was highly disappointed and her career choices all became clear. Not that I had any hope of this being a good movie after watching the trailer. It was obvious from the "aspects" they choose to show, what audience they were appealing to and what would be focused on. Ms. Jones acting skill was not what was on show and certainly wasn't utilized in this ill-conceived heist picture. For that matter, Connery pretty much phones in his performance as well. The fact that they're supposed to fall in love is ridiculous. I know he was James Bond, but he's old enough to be her grandfather and that's just sick.

The film opens with an impressive art heist – a $24 million dollar Rembrandt from a New York Museum. Much like the THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR (either version 1968 or 1999), an attractive insurance investigator, in this case played by Zeta-Jones, sets out after the crafty, world-famous thief, played by Sean Connery. The twist in this film is that Gin goes after Mac (great names huh?) not to get the painting back, but to solicit his help in an even bigger heist she's planning. Of course, he doesn't believe her, so he puts her thieving skills to the test by developing a plan to steal a priceless mask he's always had his eye on. As they train for their mission, tensions mount and attraction builds. Mac's partner, Thibadeaux (Rhames) doesn't trust Gin as far as he could throw her. He only goes along with the plan because he wants his cut. The successful theft of the mask enables Gin to finally convince Mac she's on the up and up. In fact, she's willing to cut him in on the deal of a lifetime – the greatest heist in history. With the millenium right around the corner, she's devised a way to rip off $8 billion from the largest bank in Asia. Of course, she fails to realize that her ex-boss, along with Thibadeaux, is not about to let her get away with it. In the end, you're not really sure who's got what or what side they're actually on, except to say that if anything was stolen, they got away with it.

"Rule number one: never carry a gun. If you carry a gun you may be tempted to use it. Rule number two: never trust a naked woman."

Though there are some great action sequences in this film, there's just not enough of a plot to keep it interesting. The charisma and chemistry of Connery and Zeta-Jones are really the only thing that makes ENTRAPMENT even remotely watchable. Because they're always trying to trick each other to keep the upper hand, neither character is very fleshed out or likable. I guess all Zeta-Jones needs to do for most men is wear that skin-tight workout suit and bend her body around red strings to be interesting. I require a little more than that. She did have the adequate physicality to be believable as a master thief, so I guess that's something. I know everyone loves Sean Connery – movies are lacking a decent action hero – but ENTRAPMENT does nothing but show his age. It was apparent in several sequences that he was not up to the task any more. It made me more sad than excited. Though well-produced, there is nothing about this film to recommend. The characters never connect with each other or the audience. I guess if you're a fan of either lead you probably wouldn't consider watching this a waste of time, however, if neither exactly floats your boat, it's definitely one to skip.

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