DOC HOLLYWOOD (1991) 

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Michael J. Fox
Julie Warner
Barnard Hughes
Woody Harrelson
David Ogden Stiers
Frances Sternhagen
George Hamilton
Bridget Fonda
Mel Winkler

Michael Caton-Jones



Time: 104 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romantic Comedy

SYNOPSIS: A young doctor causes a traffic accident in a small town and is sentenced to work at the town hospital until he pays off his debt.

BOTTOM LINE: Why am I so enamored with this average film about a big city doctor who finds love and a thriving practice in a small town? I can't rightly say, but every time I come across this film I watch it. It's definitely better than most of Fox's adult vehicles, probably because he actually behaves like one. Which isn't to say he isn't his charming, weasely self, he's just not time travelling or trying to be something he's not. What he is, in this case, is an up-and-coming plastic surgeon who gets into an accident in Grady, Missouri, causing property damage and ruining his Porsche. As the local judge sees it, while he's waiting for the parts to arrive to fix his car, he can pay for the damage by doing community service at the local "hospital," that treats humans and animals.

Since he has no choice, he tries to help out and eventually becomes enamored with the town and especially one of its more beautiful inhabitants played by Julie Warner. He's torn between a promising career in the big city and a quiet life in the country...not that the townspeople are about to let such a good catch go. Fox handles the fish-out-of-water and romance aspects equally well here. Julie Warner is both strong and sexy as his love interest, giving the role more intelligence and depth than one would expect. Harrelson and Fonda round out the cast as locals looking to ride Fox's coattails out of town. It's a sweet and amusing, if somewhat obvious and hokey, love story that will tickle your funny bone and touch your heart.

"I don't need a car. I'm moving to Los Angeles. Why would I need a car?"

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