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Gregory Peck
Lauren Bacall
Dolores Gray
Sam Levene
Tom Helmore
Mickey Shaughnessy
Jesse White
Chuck Connors
Edward Platt
Jake Cole

Vincente Minnelli



Time: 118 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Won Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

SYNOPSIS: On a vacation, sports journalist Mike meets designer Marilla. They fall in love and marry right away. However back at home they realize that they're living in different worlds and know nothing about each other and exes and angry mobsters get in the way of their happily ever after though.

BOTTOM LINE: In one of his few forays into romantic comedy territory, Peck woos, wins and wars with the equally smart and stunning Lauren Bacall. He doesn't always appear comfortable in his role as a newly-wedded sports writer whose simple life is turned upside down by marriage to a high fashion designer and threats by the mob, but that works to his advantage here. Mike and Marilla meet while on vacation in California and, after a night of carousing that Mike doesn't remember due to excessive celebrating, become quickly inseparable. He believes he's bringing a small-town girl to the glamourous world of New York. What he discovers after their quick marriage, is that she practically owns the Big Apple, or at least the fashionable part of it.

It doesn't take long for their opposing careers, divergent lifestyles, indifferent friends and the discovery of past lovers to wreak havoc (and humor) in their relationship. Though the film includes some physical comedy, most of the laughs come from the well-written, witty script that makes both Peck and Bacall sexy in their self-absorption. They share a quick and obvious connection that counters the flick's more over-the-top and tiresome moments, especially where Peck's ex-girlfriend (Gray) and his mob enemies are concerned. The story is at its' best when the couple is trying to understand and accept the new and unknown quirks of their spouse. Peck's understated nature makes him the straight man in this piece, which this story sorely needs to keep it from becoming completely ridiculous. In the end, this is an adult, yet often silly, romantic comedy that showcases both Peck and Bacall to their best advantage. Light and frothy fun.

"We never argue anymore. And when we do, it never lasts more than a week or two."

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