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Woody Allen
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Woody Allen



Time: 95 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy

Academy Award nominations for Best Original Screenplay.

SYNOPSIS: Harry Block is a well-regarded novelist whose tendency to thinly-veil his own experiences in his work has left him with three ex-wives that hate him. As scenes from his stories and novels pass and interact with him, Harry faces the people whose lives he has affected.

BOTTOM LINE: I think it's clear from the lack of reviews of his films on this site, that I'm not a huge Woody Allen fan. I decided to see this flick because it seemed to be a step away from the angst and heartache of his last few movies and toward more straightforward comedy. It actually centers on a writer named Harry who's destroyed every relationship he's ever had because he's more comfortable surrounding himself with fantasy than reality. The film cleverly moves back and forth in between his stories and the real world, which is why the cast is so large. His major problem of late is that he has writer's block and he can't figure out how to get through it. He's not equipped to deal with his life alone, which creates all sorts of crazy situations.

Much like THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO, this is a great mixture of fantasy and reality and truly has some uniquely funny moments. The problem is that it's too self-indulgent and I'm tired of watching Woody play Woody. I think I would have liked it more if someone else was the lead. Allen is clearly a gifted writer and it's no wonder he gathers the big name celebrities that he does to star in his pics. After making so many films, he still manages to create new worlds and adventures out of everyday life, which is quite a feat. However, he yet again, fails to make it fully come together. He's made better, but this is still fairly entertaining...if you like angst with your comedy.

"Six shrinks later, three wives down the line, and I still can't get my life together."

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