Bette Davis
Paul Henreid
Claude Rains
John Abbott
Benson Fong
Richard Walsh

Irving Rapper


About Davis

Time: 110 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Drama

SYNOPSIS: Reunited with a long, thought lost love, forces a woman to choose between her past and present lovers with devestating results.

BOTTOM LINE: There's not a lot more to this film than the title suggests. It all starts wonderfully enough with Christine (Davis) and Karal (Henreid), both musicians, reuniting after being separated by the War. Neither can believe their luck and it appears that their love story will pick up where they left off. Christine just has one little loose end to tie up: the dismissal of her current mentor and lover, the world famous composer Alex Hollenius (Rains). She tries to convince the tirelessly jealous Karal that she and Alex are merely good friends, but he's not a moron. Her living situation (far too fancy for a teacher) clearly spells out the nature of their relationship. Alex's obvious bitterness when faced with their sudden marriage is another "small" clue.

Things seem to be settling down between the trio when Alex asks Karal to play the cello solo in his latest symphony. However, Christine believes his generosity is merely a ploy to somehow destroy Karal's burgeoning career and ruin their relationship for good. It's just a matter of time before Christine cracks under the strain of juggling the highly volatile personalities of both men, taking Alex out of the picture once and for all. DECEPTION stars three of the most selfish, caustic, mean-spirited characters to ever grace the screen. Without their venomous bantor and constant betrayals this film would be a total washout. An exhaustingly silly and overly dramatic look at the dark side of love made palatable by the performances of Davis and Rains. Not their best work, but it sure is fun to watch them fight.

"There's one thing that lends a threat dignity, inflexible resolve to carry it out."

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