Barbara Stanwyck
Dennis Morgan
Sydney Greenstreet
Reginald Gardiner
S.Z. Sakall
Robert Shayne
Una O'Connor
Frank Jenks
Dick Elliot

Peter Godfrey



Time: 102 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Comedy/Romance

SYNOPSIS: A young and single New York food writer is forced to prove her infamous culinary talents by hosting Christmas dinner for her ornery boss and a newly stateside soldier. The facts that she can't cook and is supposed to be married with a baby prove to cause more than a few logistical problems that may cost her job and a shot at true love.

BOTTOM LINE: A romantic and funny holiday film that should be more popular than it is. Stanwyck is perfectly cast as a lonely lady who creates the life of her dreams through the articles she writes for a popular womans magazine. She's famous for her exquisitely descriptive articles about the lavish meals she creates for her family on their quiet farm in Connecticut. Unfortunately, her quiet life is suddenly unbalanced and her active imagination put to the test when her publisher, desperate for a wider subscription base, "requests" that she make a wounded soldier's dream of a perfect Christmas – which she inspired – come true.

She enlists the help of some friends – one who wants to actually be her husband and pretends that he is to hopefully seal the deal and the other the genius behind the recipes used in her column to do the actual cooking – to pull off the charade. Everything goes according to plan until she falls for the soldier, placing her career and heart on the line. All's well that ends well, but it's a wacky, sweet, funny road to the romantic finish line.

Though the supporting cast, especially S.Z. Sakall, provide a good deal of the laughs, it's really Stanwyck's flick and she proves just how funny, smart and sexy she can be. Much of the humor comes from her total ineptness as a "wife" and "mother", which I'm sure many modern career gals will relate to. She has absolutely no idea what she's doing and her failure is hilarious. She has good chemistry with Morgan, who's main purpose is to be sweet and handsome, which he succeeds at. The film starts off a bit slow, spending way too much time establishing the rather simple premise, but once the pace picks up, it's a true comic treat.

"Arrange it, are you crazy? Where am I gonna get a farm? I haven't even got a window box!"

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