Barbara Stanwyck
Paul Douglas
Robert Ryan
Marilyn Monroe
J. Carrol Naish
Keith Andes
Silvio Minciotti

Fritz Lang



Time: 105 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Melodrama/Romance

SYNOPSIS: A woman desperate to find her place in the world, settles for a man she doesn't love and a life she doesn't want, for a place to call home. Her decision to leave her husband for another man brings about disastrous results.

BOTTOM LINE: CLASH is a volatile melodrama anchored by Stanwyck's unyielding turn as a cynical woman who tries to settle for the life of a happy homemaker, but is unable to be content with the simple roles of wife and mother. Mae returns to the small fishing town where she grew up because she no longer has any options. Her plans to make it in the big city never amount to much, so she's forced to come home, much to the resentment of her younger brother (Andes) and the excitement of his girlfriend (Monroe), who wants to be just like Mae, a woman who seems to be worldly and sophisticated.

Her beauty and intelligence quickly catch the eye of two local men – Jerry (Douglas), an honest, hard-working fisherman and Earl (Ryan), a smart aleck with too much ambition and brains for this town. Tired of taking care of herself and desperate for a safe existence, Mae agrees to marry Jerry even though she doesn't love him. She tries to settle down, hoping the impending birth of their child will make her happy with her choice. While the arrival of their daughter makes Jerry's life complete, it only stirs up Mae's restlessness. She soon unleashes her secret passion for something better, namely Earl, bringing nothing but trouble to their quiet family life.

CLASH is a look at the darker side of love and the dangers of making major life choices for the wrong reasons. You can't force a square peg through a round hole and marrying someone you don't love brings nothing but heartache. Only when threatened with the loss of her daughter does Mae realize how good her life was. Unfortunately, there's no turning back and forgiveness is not easy to come by. Emotions run high in this bitter tale where love almost wins out in the end. A powerful, yet relentlessly dark flick that would be unwatchable if it weren't for such good performances by Stanwyck, Douglas and Ryan, who take their overdone characters and turn them into actual human beings you care about.

"Home is where you come to, when you run out of places."

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