THE BREAK-UP (2006) 

Jennifer Aniston
Vince Vaughn
Jon Favreau
Jason Bateman
Joey Lauren Adams
Judy Davis
John Michael Higgins
Justin Long
Vincent D'Onofrio

Peyton Reed


Time: 105 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Comedy/Romance

SYNOPSIS: Gary and Brooke find that their brittle relationship may have reached the breaking point – but neither is willing to give up the condo they co-own. As their fighting grows increasingly bitter, neither is sure if they're fighting to get out of the relationship or to save it.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a film that almost everyone can relate to, which is actually the pics main problem. The end of a relationship is never fun – no matter how "mutual" it is – and though I applaud Vaughn and company for attempting to explore this highly emotional arena, it fails miserably as entertainment.

Granted the well is pretty dry when it comes to developing an original romantic comedy and no one has really explored down this avenue before, just isn't pretty. Though marketed as a comedy, it mostly made me uncomfortable and rarely made me laugh. Both actors capture their character's heartbreak with honesty, showcasing the bitterness, frustration and utter sadness of a relationship limping to it's inevitable conclusion.

The fact that they seem to have a real connection – only two stars with the innate charm of Anistan and Vaughn could make this work – gives the situation added depth and for a moment you're led to believe they'll find love at the end of the fighting. However, everyone, including the filmmaker's knew better than to go down that unrealistic road. There's just too much bad behavior to be forgotten or forgiven.

Though the film has it's light-hearted moments, which are a welcome respite from all the bickering, they only serve to make the experience even more odd since this isn't usually a situation people laugh about. Ever. Even qualified comedy sidekicks Bateman and Favreau aren't able to inject any fun into the proceedings. In the end, it's a well-acted and written story that I just can't understand why anyone would want to watch. Even if you love the leads, this film is far from enjoyable.

"It's not about doing the things you love, it's about doing things with the one you love!"

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