Whoopi Goldberg
Mary-Louise Parker
Drew Barrymore
Matthew McConaughey
James Remar
Billy Wirth
Anita Gillette
Estelle Parsons
Amy Aquino

Herbert Ross


Time: 104 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/Romance

SYNOPSIS: Three women with absolutely nothing in common find themselves on a road trip that changes their lives and relationship to each other forever.

BOTTOM LINE: Leave the men at home ladies. This estrogen-fest will have them desperately seeking the nearest exit. A wanton melodrama that teams the immense talents of Goldberg, Barrymore and Parker as an unlikely trio seeking freedom from the horror of their everyday, male-dominated lives. They begin the film as relative strangers and end it as not only the best of friends but the closest of family.

Goldberg is the responsible one, Parker the uptight one and Barrymore the free-spirit with a mean streak that gets them into a whole heap of trouble. The story begins with Parker's character merely seeking driving companions on a road trip across America. She doesn't really care who joins her, she just needs bodies to take turns at the wheel. As the miles go by, the film tries to keep the story upbeat while hiding her deep secret, which eventually isn't as much a surprise as the filmmaker's try to make it.

Parker has the thankless straight man role opposite two extremely charismatic actresses. She actually steals the show with a part that could have been very unsympathetic. Goldberg and Barrymore supply much of the film's humor, creating memorable characters out of fairly stereotypical roles. It's the actions of Barrymore's dumb blond that forces the ladies brief acquaintence into a fast friendship. This is certainly not your typical road movie, having more in common with old-fashioned weepers. In the hands of lesser actresses this film would have been trite and overbearing. As it stands, it's an enjoyable chick flick with some wildly funny and heartfelt moments.

"Holly: "Did I hurt him?"
Jane: "What do you mean did you hurt him? You hit him with a bat!"

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