BLINK (1994) 

Madeleine Stowe
Aidan Quinn
James Remar
Peter Friedman
Bruce A. Young
Laurie Metcalf
Matt Roth
Paul Dillon
Michael P. Byrne

Michael Apted


Time: 106 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Thriller/Romance

SYNOPSIS: A blind woman, whose sight has only recently been restored, thinks she's witnessed a brutal murder. She falls for the one cop who believes her, forcing him to find the killer before she becomes the next victim.

BOTTOM LINE: This film was one of my favorite thrillers of the 90s, when Stowe and Quinn were at the height of their popularity. Having not seen it in over a decade, I decided to see how it held up over the years. While the leads are as engaging as ever, the plot is somewhat hokey and simplistic compared to more recent fare. It does have plenty of misdirection and danger, just not the amount of bloodletting one has come to expect from the genre. Personally, that's why I like it then and still like it now. The mystery builds at a good pace with some hot sex thrown in to please the ladies. In the end, it's the chemistry between Stowe and Quinn that keeps the film interesting.

Stowe is very convincing as the once blind Emma, whose recent foray back into the seeing world brings less than happy results. The detectives trying to solve the murder of her neighbor, especially Quinn's character, want to believe she saw the killer, but her sight is just not up to snuff. Thankfully, her other senses still are and she uses them to their advantage to help solve the case. The way the effects portray her newfound vision gives the film a unique style and helps heighten the danger. Without this aspect this would be an even more run-of-the-mill flick. Emma's emotional transformation gives the film added depth, as she has to come to terms with her appearance as a full-grown woman (she was blinded as a child).

She has never had to care about what she looks like or cared what people thought of her, but seeing herself for the first time is quite a shock. She tries to retreate back to her old like, but the killer and her new love Quinn won't let her. The ending of the film where the motives for the slayings are revealed and Emma's life finally hangs in the balance is well-crafted, if a bit too pat. Mostly, because she's able to hold her own. Granted it's nice to see a woman not have to be rescued by a man, but it's not exactly very believable. This is defnitely a thriller meant to please the ladies, since Emma not only helps solve the crime, no thanks to a precinct of detectives, but she gets to take home the cutest one as well. Quinn gives a solid turn, giving John just the right amount of charm, intelligence and arrogance to make him a convincing cop. Every woman watching will fall for him. While not the most exciting thriller, BLINK delivers a solid scare with intelligence and heart.

"I can't see things that are right in front of me, and I can see things that couldn't be there."

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