Heather Donahue
Joshua Leonard
Michael C. Williams


Daniel Myrick &
Eduardo Sanchez



Time: 80 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Suspense/Horror

SYNOPSIS: Three student documentary filmmakers venture into Maryland's Black Hills to discover the truth behind the myth of the Blair Witch -- and never return. The only trace of their disappearance comes one year later when their film footage, documenting their final terrifying days, is found.

BOTTOM LINE: This is just one of those films that I think I knew too much about before seeing to make it completely enjoyable. If I had thought it was real, maybe I would have cared more for the characters, but then again movies aren't supposed to have real people in them. The plot of this film doesn't really go anywhere once they realize they're lost. Plus they never did find out anything even remotely interesting about the "Legend of the Blair Witch". Yeah, some kids disappeared 50 years ago, but so what.

Maybe if they had an actual fleshed-out legend to debunk or prove, the story would have been more interesting. As it is they're just 3 young adults, lost in the Maryland woods, hearing strange things in the night. Though the actors did a fine job conveying their fear, I just didn't really see why though were so scared. If you come from the city, the woods will be filled with strange and frightening noises. How they could stay lost, since they had a map and a compass was also a huge mystery. Unless you're trapped in a "mystery spot", as long as you follow the compass, you'd eventually find civilization. If they were walking 10-20 miles a day, especially in a state as populated as Maryland (this isn't the desert) it would be impossible to stay lost for very long.

Of course, the directors want you to believe that mysterious forces are playing with the threesome, keeping them trapped in the woods. But except for some weird stick configurations and piles of stones outside their tent, there was nothing really scary about what they were encountering. Yes, it's definitely unusual, but little piles of rocks aren't going to kill you...unless you stumble over them in the dark on your way to pee. In any case, the sense of menace just wasn't strong enough to convince me that anything was out to get them.

"I'm scared to close my eyes. I'm scared to open them."

What they should have played up more was the threesomes unraveling mental condition and trust in each other. This was actually done quite well and is the only thing that keeps this film watchable. It does get fairly irritating at some points, but that's too be expected. I would have been incredibly pissed off myself if I was trapped in the woods with no food. I found the ending quite abrupt and disturbing, because I wanted to know what ultimately happened to them. Obviously, they were killed by something, but by what is the question. The final sequence was the only one that conveyed true menace to me and I just wish there was more of this kind of action throughout the film.

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT works on certain levels, but I don't really understand how some people couldn't sleep after watching it. I didn't find it that scary...mainly because I was in my home. Maybe if I watched it in a trailer in the middle of the woods, I would have had trouble sleeping. Otherwise, not so much. I'm also glad I saw it on the small screen, because that camera work is hard to take after a while. If you're looking for something different and suspenseful to watch, you might enjoy this film. If you're looking to be scared, rent something else, like PSYCHO or THE EXORCIST.

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