Martin Lawrence
Nia Long
Paul Giamatti
Jascha Washington
Terrence Howard
Ella Mitchell
Anthony Anderson
Carl Wright

Raja Gosnell



Time: 98 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Slapstick Comedy/Action

SYNOPSIS: An FBI agent, Malcolm Turner, goes deep undercover, disguising himself as the long-lost grandmother of a woman whose criminal ex-boyfriend may just be paying her a visit to collect the cash he stole. Malcolm must somehow find a way to nab his criminal and exonerate the woman, who he ends up falling in love with.

BOTTOM LINE: I was going to write a full review of this movie, but I've already lost 98 minutes I won't ever be getting back. All I can say is that this flick is a colossal waste of the talent of everyone in it, especially Martin Lawrence. I think he's a very funny comedian, but his film roles leave much to be desired. I thought BLUE STREAK was as bad as it could get. I was very wrong. Why can't someone write a movie for this man that actually has a decent plot and clever jokes?

There's nothing interesting, funny, endearing or surprising about this movie. All the best jokes were in the trailer and even those aren't great. The plot has Laurence as an FBI agent who goes undercover as Big Momma to find out if Sherry, her granddaughter played by the lovely Nia Long (who really deserves better roles than this), was actually involved in a deadly bank heist committed by her then boyfriend.

It's pretty clear just by looking at Long that she had nothing to do with the crime. It's also no surprise that Laurence is instantly attracted to her. The one thing remotely innovative is the makeup effects, but they get old pretty quickly and were done better in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR. What is the deal with comedians wanting to dress up as women? Is it really funny anymore? It's only been done hundreds of times before. The boobs, the hair, the makeup, the undergarments, what is there left to mine for humor. Even Robin Williams, one of the best physical comic actors of our time, barely made cross-dressing funny. Lawrence is just overmatched by the makeup.

The only time this film has any life is near the end when both Big Mommas (both played by Lawrence of course) are onscreen together, but that's too little too late. The very ending, when he wins the girl, was a total cop out with Laurence giving the lamest forgiveness speech I have ever seen on film. They didn't even care to give that moment true emotion and depth. No real woman would have accepted one word of it. Even though I saw this for free, I want my money back.

"I'm a married man, I'm not used to this much attention."

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