Brendan Fraser
Elizabeth Hurley
Frances O'Connor
Miriam Shor
Orlando Jones
Paul Adelstein
Toby Huss

Harold Ramis



Time: 93 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romantic Comedy

SYNOPSIS: A suicidal techno geek, is given seven wishes to turn his life around when he meets up with a very seductive version of Satan. The catch: his soul. As expected, the Devil puts her own little twist on each of his wishes.

BOTTOM LINE: As much as I like Brendan Fraser, I'm amazed he has a career left after his last few comedy flicks. He must thank God every day that THE MUMMY came along if scripts like this are the best he's offered. As nerd Elliot Richards, he gets to make seven wishes once he signs over his soul to the Devil, played by the trashily sexy Elizabeth Hurley.

All Elliot wants is the girl of his dreams, Allison (O'Conner), to be in love with him. His initial wishes are pretty standard – wealth, power, intelligence, physical prowess, etc. – but none of them get him any closer to his goal. Mainly because the Devil is a trickster who always brings out the worst in every situation. In the end, he doesn't exactly get what he wants, but it all works out for the best.

Fraser is quite the comic chameleon and gives his all to each of the vastly different men he gets to play. His performance is the only thing that makes this film at all watchable. Hurley is too hammy (though clearly having a good time), O'Conner too bland and the rest of the supporting cast completely unforgettable.

It's fairly clear from the beginning where this story is going, though it does have some amusing moments along the way. A little more character development would have gone a long way to making this a better film. BEDAZZLED has it's charms, thanks to Fraser, but is far from enchanting.

"I, the Devil, with offices in Purgatory, Hell and Los Angeles grant you seven wishes for one pitiless little soul."

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