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Peter Weller
John Lithgow
Ellen Barkin
Jeff Goldblum
Christopher Lloyd
Lewis Smith
Robert Ito
Pepe Serna
Clancy Brown
Carl Lumbly

W.D. Richter



Time: 116 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Action/Science Fiction/Comedy

BOTTOM LINE: Hands down one of the strangest sci-fi adventure comedies you're ever going to come across. A cult favorite, BUCKAROO BANZAI defies all logic when it comes to straightforward storytelling, which makes it both cool and a bit frustrating. Despite its' weirdness, if you're willing, it's off-kilter, tongue-in cheek sensibility will take you on a ride you will always remember...sort of like an acid trip gone bad.

The plot centers on an alien invasion caused by Buckaroo's "trip" into the 8th dimension. If his invention, the over-thruster – which is needed for intra-dimensional travel – falls into the wrong hands, life as we know it on Earth will be destroyed. Either by the good aliens, who won't allow the bad ones to escape from the 8th dimension where they were imprisoned, or the evil ones led by the insane Dr. Lizardo, played with feverish gusto by John Lithgow, who don't care one bit for humanity.

It's Buckaroo's job to save the planet from total destruction, one way or the other. Of course, this is all in a day's work for the world's leading rock star/brain surgeon/adventurer. Weller is totally convincing as this offbeat, honorable, intelligent action hero. No matter how crazy the plot gets – and believe me it does – he plays it cool, never letting you see him sweat. The supporting cast is superb, with quirky turns by Lloyd, Barkin and Goldblum. Though highly unusual, the plot comes together in the end, towing the line between comedy and adventure quite well. The effects aren't exactly top of the line, but they hold up better than one expects considering this wasn't an A-List project. A film for those who enjoy the weird, wacky and ridiculous with their sci-fi fare.

"Hey, hey, hey. Don't be mean. We don't have to be mean because, remember, no matter where you go, there you are."

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