Mike Myers
Elizabeth Hurley
Mimi Rogers
Robert Wagner
Mindy Sterling
Seth Green
Michael York
Will Ferrell

M. Jay Roach



Time: 87 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Slapstick Comedy

Though I'm a fan of Mike Myers from SNL and went to see both "Wayne's World" movies, I have to admit to being somewhat skeptical about a film called "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery." I'm generally not a big fan of spoofs either. I'd rather have all of my body hair plucked out piece by piece than sit through a "Naked Gun" movie. But friends insisted that I see this film, so I went. And I'm very glad I did. The one thing Mike Myers does really well is create memorable, funny and eccentric characters and in this film he is dead on.

Austin Powers is a spy who was frozen in the 60s and dethawed in the 90s in order to catch his nemesis Dr. Evil. He has bad teeth, horribly outdated clothes and is always trying to "shag" with the "groovy chicks". He's endearing because Myers allows himself to dive into the absurd. He has no shame, doing anything for a laugh, which makes the character and certain sections of the film completely hysterical.

He also plays Dr. Evil, a bald, monocled bad guy who wants to take over the world and who continually escapes in a space ship you truly have to see to believe. As Dr. Evil, Myers has some truly unique comic moments I guarantee you'll be copying for weeks afterwards. His pet cat, Mr Bigglesworth, is a great set piece. It gives Dr. Evil a soft side and the audience a big laugh cause it's the ugliest animal you've ever laid eyes on. Some of Evil's best moments come when he tries to bond with his son Scott, played by Seth Green. He doesn't know whether to hug him or kill him.

I've been waiting for Elizabeth Hurley to do something other than wear trashy clothes to Hollywood events and push make-up and perfume products and she finally has. She holds her own against Mr. Myers which is not easy to do. She has the thankless role of the straight man, but she doesn't take it too seriously making her character smart, likeable and funny. It can't have been easy working opposite Myers. This is truly a fun and wonderful movie - and a great Bond spoof that manages to create its own spin on the genre. If you're looking for a film to just make you laugh, this is one you can sit through over and over.

"Name? Austin Danger Powers. Sex? Yes please!"

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