Tom Hulce
Stephen Furst
John Belushi
Tim Matheson
Peter Riegert
Mark Metcalf
Karen Allen
Mary Louise Weller
Martha Smith
Kevin Bacon
Bruce Bonnheim
Donald Sutherland

John Landis




Time: 109 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Campus Comedy

SYNOPSIS: The members of Delta House are at college to have fun, not to learn, much to the disgust of everyone on campus. Dean Vernon Wormer is determined to expel them, but those roughhousers have other plans for him and refuse to leave without a fight.

BOTTOM LINE: This is the ultimate "boys gone wild" film. The one that set the tone and standard for all frat boy flicks to follow. Though this film has its' raunchy moments, it's pretty tame compared to the gross out fests we've come to expect from young male bonding /college comedies in the decades since. It has an innocent spirit and sense of fun that helps their juvenile behavior a lot more palatable and the film a joy to watch over and over. Sure they drink too much, try to take advantage of their female party guests, destroy private property and adamantly refuse to take their education seriously, but where's the real harm in that?

When push comes to shove, this motley band of misfits takes the bonds of friendship to new heights by exacting the ultimate revenge on those who think they're nothing but losers. They don't exactly try to prove the dean and his henchmen wrong, but they at least go out swinging. Since they are going to be expelled anyway, they leave the college on their own terms. The ending is way over the top, yet wickedly funny. I don't quite believe this merry band of misfits could have pulled it off in real life, but you won't care either.
The film is perfectly cast (even though many of them are WAY too old to be playing college students). Many of them have gone on to bigger things over the years, but they will be most assuredly be fondly remembered for this film, which they clearly had a blast making. Especially Belushi, who is the heart and soul of the picture. His antic hijinks garner the biggest matter how many times you've seen them. He more not have a lot of screen time, but you will remember every moment. Even the bad guys, played by John Vernon, Mark Metcalf and James Daughton will find a soft place in your heart. There's nothing deep about this story of boys being boys, and yet it still resonates almost 25 years later. Perfect casting, a great soundtrack, and a hysterical script filled with mindless fun make for an ever enjoyable cinema treat. A must-see for any movie lover.

"Now, she should be good-looking, but we're willing to trade looks for a certain...morally casual attitude."

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