William Powell
Myrna Loy
James Stewart
Elissa Landi
Joseph Calleia
Jessie Ralph
Alan Marshal
Teddy Hart
Sam Levene
Penny Singleton
William Law

W.S. Van Dyke



Time: 112 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Comedy/Mystery

Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay.

SYNOPSIS: Nick and Nora return to San Francisco fresh off the success of solving their first case together only to get sucked into another one. This time involving a member of Nora's high-class family. Booze and bodies abound.

BOTTOM LINE: Fans of THE THIN MAN will not be disappointed with this sequel, which has all the humor, glamour and mystery of the first. Powell and Loy are magical together, bantering back and forth with perfect timing, sexual chemistry and wit for days. This time around they return from their New York adventure to find their house full of partygoers and another case on their doorstep. Nora's brother-in-law Robert is missing and her upper crust family wants to sweep it under the rug. Nick and Nora manage to find him quite easily, but solving his subsequent murder turns out to be a bit more complicated.

Though his untimely death is blamed on his unhappy wife, it seems he had far more enemies than friends. It's up to Nick's experience and Nora's insights to discover the motive behind the murder and set matters straight. The fact that Nick is almost constantly drunk only enhances his skills as a detective, keeping him blissfully detached from the raucous debates and unpleasant emotions or Nora's dysfunctional family. It's also damn funny for the audience.

Powell has such innate class, you still respect Nick despite his near constant inebriation. Plus, you have to root for him since he's the only one who has any clue what's going on. Loy keeps up her end of the partnership though her role seems smaller than in the first. The mystery itself is quite convoluted and the murderer not much of a surprise, but the road to get there is fun and intelligently conceived. The solid supporting cast, with a turn by Stewart as a bad boy, make this classic quite good indeed.

"Come on. Let's get something to eat. I'm thirsty."

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