Dennis Morgan
Merle Oberon
Rita Hayworth
Ralph Bellamy
George Tobias
James Gleason
Hattie McDaniel
Jerome Cowan
Butterfly McQueen

Lloyd Bacon


Time: 88 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romantic Comedy

BOTTOM LINE: Unfortunately for the audience, Hayworth plays second fiddle to Merle Oberon in this sometimes funny, marital screwball comedy. The story centers on Rickey Mayberry (Morgan), a famous reporter and his attempts to regain his wife's affections. Sue (Oberon) is sick of being alone on the homefront and divorces Rickey without his knowledge. When he finally gets a telegram from their maid, he rushes back to New York to stop her impending nuptials to Owen Wright (Bellamy), a stable and honorable gentleman who actually cares about Sue's happiness.

Refusing to lose his best reporter without a fight, Chet Phillips (Gleason), Rickey's editor – with the help of Irene (Hayworth), a fellow reporter and Pasha (Tobias), Rickey's photographer – uses every dirty trick at his disposal to keep the couple apart. Though she still loves him, Sue is tired of the lies. Rickie tries to convince her that this time he's sincere, that he'll quit his job for her; however, with everyone working against him, persuading her becomes quite a challenge. Things get out of hand in that screwball comedy way, generating laughs while bringing our happy couple back together.

The dialogue is zippy, the physical comedy funny and the supporting cast delightful. Morgan and Bellamy hit their marks as opposing rivals with unrestrained zeal. It's Oberon who fails to keep up with the antics. Her character is clearly at the end of her rope, yet she never gives in to the comic potential. Despite her best efforts, she's not a comedian and her restraint dampens the joy of the festivities. This would hardly be noticeable if her competition wasn't Rita – who plays a smart, sexy woman clearly in on the joke (on the cusp of superstardom) and who completely outshines Oberon. Not the best of its' genre, but overall a romantic romp that will amuse most viewers.

"I wish I was your editor, Rickey. I'd love to be able to tell you where to go."

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