ABOUT LAST NIGHT... (1986)  

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Rob Lowe
Demi Moore
Elizabeth Perkins
Jim Belushi
George DiCenzo
Michael Alldredge
Robin Thomas
Donna Gibbons
Megan Mullally

Edward Zwick




Time: 113 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/Romace/Comedy

SYNOPSIS: A young couple attempts a deeper relationship after a fun, yet meaningless one-night stand with predictably painful results.

BOTTOM LINE: After suffering through this film the first time around in the theater, I never thought I would find myself revisiting the scene of the crime. That just goes to show how much distance (17 years), bad weather and boredom will push someone into watching anything to potentially lift the spirit. The only surprise in this film is seeing Megan Mullally, pre-"Will & Grace", throwing herself at Rob Lowe. Her presence is so unexpected that I was somewhat taken aback. Or maybe it was merely the bad dialogue and over-acting that stunned me senseless.

In any case, this "dramedy" attempts to be witty, urbane and deep, but comes off as bitter, childish and trite. Since the lead characters are as shallow as a puddle, the great sex and dreamy dates quickly turn into long silences and angry tantrums. Work pressures, unreal expectations and battling best friends add even more tension to their already tenuous relationship. It takes breaking up for them to grow up and discover what they really want out of life and love.

Though the film ends on a hopeful note, it's one of the more subtle and realistic moments of the entire story. Moore proves her leading lady status, giving a simple, sexy and honest performance. Lowe is smug and witless throughout, making his every emotion painfully silly to watch...though he sure is pretty. It's hard to fault Moore's character for going against her better judgement and taking advantage of the opportunity. Belushi and Perkins, the perennial bitter best friends, toss off the film's funniest lines, but are mostly relegated to the background, which is a real shame. A miserable take on the misery of dating.

DANNY: "Hey, know one thing - I never screwed around on you."

DEBBIE: "Oh, well, let's just give the boy a medal! I didn't realise it was such a sacrifice."

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